The rise of tattoos in Sydney


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The Sydney tattoo scene has gone through a renaissance in the past five years. In the 1970’s, there were only 3 tattoo parlours in Sydney’s CDB, and one or two in the west. Now, there are more than 50 tattoo shops in inner Sydney and one in almost every suburb. Back in the day tattoos where something of a statement and having one meant you lived outside the norm. Today tattoos can be seen more as a fashion statement rather than an expression of rebellion. People tend to get tattoos to express themselves and share a story through their body art. Tattoos are thus attracting more and more people and Australians are getting inked at a phenomenal rate – 15% of them have one or more tattoos. And this trend is only growing in Sydney.

The Sydney tattoo scene has become part of the mainstream culture. TV shows based on the tattoo industry are emerging on most major networks: Bondi Ink on channel Eleven, Tattoo Tales on ABC etc. Social media pages on tattoo culture are registering millions of followers, and you would find it hard to go for a walk to Bondi Beach and not see people sporting leg tattoos or full sleeves. Tattoos have now become a mainstream part of our society. This can be seen with many of the Footy players in Sydney now being heavily tattooed such as Todd Carney. Even international celebrities come to get tattooed in Sydney: Miley Cyrus, Leon from Rudimental, Stix and Lexxi from Steel Panther, or even Ronan Keating, no one seems to resist it!

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The Sydney tattoo scene has grown so much lately that it hosts the largest tattoo expo in the southern hemisphere – The Australian International Tattoo Expo – is coming back to Sydney each year for three days. And in 2016 the Rites of Passage tattoo festival is coming to Sydney  It hosts some of the best international and Australian tattoo artists, including Carl Sebastian. Thousands of ink enthusiasts come to get inked every year at the Sydney Expo. Others simply come to find out about body art, research the different tattoo genres and meet the tattoo industry’s most talented artists who come to promote their skills.


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