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Apprentice wanted

Valhalla Tattoo and Piercing is looking for an apprentice.

With an ever increasing workload the need for a tattoo and piercing apprentice emerged

If your interested to work  in a creative environment and have the rare opportunity to learn from 4 different artist then this could be an amazing opportunity for you

This is an unpaid apprenticeship so you should have some other form of income to support yourself

You must be :

At least 24 years of age.

Have tattoos and an interested in tattoo culture.

Be willing to work hard.

Have an artistic background.

Willing to work 5 days a week .

Frequently asked questions

Tattoo pricing and charges

For all small to medium sized tattoos we will give you a set price for your tattoo. For larger style tattoos we charge by the hour please refer to our pricing list for hourly costs.

Minimum Charge

The shop minimum for a  small tattoos is $100 this costs is to cover our expenses for the set up, sterilization of instruments as well as our artists time.


Carl and Wheatley  have both been tattooing for 13 years and they charge 200 per hour

Gab  specializes in dotwork and minimalistic tattoos he has been tattooing professionally for the past 2 years and accordingly his rates are slightly lower than the rest of the team

Gab charges 120 per hour.


All bookings require a cash deposit of $100  this deposit will go towards the final cost of your tattoo upon completion.

 All deposits are non-refundable.

Cancellation policy

If you need to cancel or rebook your appointment we require 48 hours’ notice or you will forfeit your deposit.

Hand and neck tattoos

I have no problem doing hand and neck tattoos for you as long as you already have visible tattoos in other places of your body. The skin on your neck and hands is more exposed to the sun than the rest of your body, for this reason hand and neck tattoos might require a  small touch-up session because of the delicate placement this is not a free touch up.


This is a bit of a touchy subject (pun intended) so here goes. On small tattoos where a fixed price has been given  your entitled to a free touch up of your tattoo should it be required(note with proper aftercare you shouldn’t need a touch up)  this touch up session must be redeemed no later than 1 month after your initial session.

Free Touch ups do not apply to the following areas of the body:

  • Fingers
  • Hands
  • Feet
  • Neck
  • Face

There is no such thing as touch ups on sleeves and larger work this is considered ongoing tattoo work.

Sun Care for your tattoo

We recommend that you follow all the steps outlined in our tattoo aftercare page while your tattoo is healing.

 But even after your tattoo has fully healed we recommend that you use  sunscreen with SPF 50 every time your exposing your tattoo to the sun.  This will prevent your tattoo from fading over time

Do not use sunscreen n your tattoo while its healing  most sunscreen has zinc in its which can be dangerous to get into your blood.

The Valhalla Team are happy to announce that we now have the super talented Reece Mobbs working with us full time.

Reece is well know around Sydney for his bright and bold American traditional style tattoos . 

Reece works Saturday to Wednesday if your interested in getting a tattoo of Reece contact the studio on:

0478 695 348 

Finger & Foot Tattoos

In recent years finger tattoos have become increasingly popular, especially on the inside of the fingers. We are more than happy to do these tattoos for you as long as you understand the limitations associated with tattooing the fingers. Naturally, the skin on the inside of your fingers is constantly being regenerated due to constant wear and tear. For this reason, a finger tattoo might require a further touch up session that is not included in your price.

Since fingers, hands and neck are considered a high risk area we happily tattoo them as long as the customers are aware that additional costs might incur for touch ups.


Below are some questions we are commonly asked about tattoos on the hands, fingers and feet:

I want a tattoo that runs along the soles of my feet, is that possible?

Yes to an extent, however customers have to be aware that the further down on the feet you place your tattoo, the more risk there is that some ink might fall out during the healing process.

Your tattoo artist will advise you on the best placement along your foot to minimise the risk of that happening.

Why does the ink fall out in certain areas?

A tattoo is a light abrasion of the skin so when the skin is punctured the blood that surfaces is your body’s way of forming a protective layer, preventing bacteria from entering your wound. After the scab has formed, it’s advisable to leave your fresh tattoo alone. Keep it clean but make sure you don’t over wash it either as doing this could lead to the ink falling out and your tattoo fading prematurely.

You should apply a thin coat of Bephanthen cream on your tattoo two to three times a day, for about 5 days.

After your tattoo has formed a scab there is no need to keep applying the cream.  

After the scab has formed your tattoo might feel a bit itchy which is totally normal and means it’s healing. NEVER scratch the scab as it can pull the ink out.

Tattoo artist wanted

Valhalla tattoo is now looking for another member to join our team.

We are an increasingly growing tattoo studio that’s getting busier by the day.

Wee looking for someone that has:

Exceptional customer service skills

Knowledge about cross contamination and has good hygiene practices

Has a strong portfolio and a minimum of 3 years shop experience.


If this sounds like you send us an email with some of your latest work a short description of yourself and a link to your social media handle.

attending the Australian Tattoo Expo 2017 and will be taking “walk-up” appointments. Hope to see you all there!

I’ll be attending the Australian Tattoo Expo 2017 and will be taking “walk-up” appointments. Hope to see you all there!

I did a few tattoos at the Rites of Passage tattoo festival in Sydney this weekend…

Thanks for the write up aussiegossip , It was my pleasure giving Daynah her first tattoo.


Meet the coolest guy ever, tattoo artist Carl Sebastian

Trailer for Tattoo Tales Marcia’s story.

Aired on ABC in 2015 and currently streaming on Netflix.


tattoo blog - rites of passage festival, Sydney

I will be at the Rites of passage tattoo festival in Sydney. 14-16 th October at the Sydney showgrounds in Olympic Park.

I will be in Booth C-16, and will have heaps of designs to choose from so come get tattooed on the day!

What you need to know about getting a white ink tattoo.

A lot of clients often ask me about getting tattoos done completely in white ink. Even though this is possible there are a few main reasons why most tattoo artist with integrity will advise against this type of tattoo.

  1. The suns UV rays can change white  ink to a more yellowish tone.
  2. White tends to fade the fastest of all tattoo pigments. Therefore, when we use white in tattoos it’s normally as a highlight next to a darker color. Tattooing is all about contrast: the contrast between your skin tone and the ink. White simply does not have a whole lot of contrast compared to your natural skin tone.
  3. So do white tattoos look brighter on people with darker skin then? No, unfortunately not. Because we see the tattoo color through our top layer of skin, it’s almost like imagining your skin color as a transparent piece of paper and then the tattoo colour underneath. For example if you look at the color white through a light brown piece of paper it would tend to look a bit muddy and not a clear white.
  4. While you may have seen photos of white ink tattoos on the internet, they were most likely taken right after they were done.

Or just after they finished healing and was yet to be exposed to the sun or experience fading over time.

There are some tattoo artists today that claim they specialize in white ink tattoos, consequently,  boast some sort of superior technique or special ink that can guarantee a perfect white that will last. Don’t be fooled by this type of cheap marketing from “Snake oil salesmen”. Tattooing is not rocket science and the wheel is yet to be reinvented! Nobody can put the ink in differently to guarantee a different outcome. Make sure when you choose your tattoo artist that you choose one with integrity, a tattoo artist that will inform you of the potential risks involved in tattooing and one that will take their time to explain this to you.