“never trust a skinny chef”

A proper tattoo aftercare can make a huge difference in the way your tattoo heals.

After your tattoo is finished, I will cover it with some glad wrap to protect it.

Remove the cover after 2-4 hours and wash thoroughly with warm water and liquid soap. Some soaps can contain perfume and in rare occasions this can irritate your tattoo so I always recommend that people use a fragrance free soap with the same Ph value as your body.

Pat dry your tattoo with a clean towel, apply a thin coat of Bephanten to your tattoo and then re-wrap it with glad wrap overnight. In the morning have a shower and wash your tattoo, pat dry and apply a thin coat of Bephanthen. But don’t wrap your tattoo again! A tattoo needs to breathe to heal, putting too much cream on your tattoo or keeping it wrapped for too long can suffocate your tattoo and prolong the healing time.

For the first 4 days after your tattoo, make sure to wash it at least twice a day after which you apply more Bephanthen. After about 3-5 days your tattoo will form a light scab that will start flaking off, DONT PICK THE SCAB! Doing so can pull the color out of your tattoo.

Things to remember when your tattoo is healing:

– Don’t soak in water that means no long showers, no baths, no pool or sauna.
– No sunlight ! Don’t get your tattoo sunburnt while its healing.
– Healing time is about 2 weeks.