Welcome to the online tattoo gallery of Sydney tattoo artist Carl Sebastian. I enjoy tattooing in all styles of tattoo, but my specialty and preferred style  is Japanese tattoos.

Please respect my clients and do not steal any of the existing artwork.

All my designs are custom, meaning they are a one off design that’s been created specifically for the client. If you like the look of a specific tattoo, I can create something similar to the one you like but never copying someone else’s tattoo as they are part of their identity and personality.

Japanese tattoos are unique because they are made to fit the whole body. Different designs are all tied together by the background shading in a way that creates a tattoo that is aesthetically pleasing to the eye.

All Japanese tattoos tell a tale, the many different  tattoo designs are derived from hundreds of years of culture and traditions , and they all have their own specific meanings and symbology.

I think this is what makes Japanese tattoo so intriguing.

The aesthetics  of a full body tattoo (Horimono) and the fact that every tattoo motif has actual meaning.

Tattooing  in Japan is referred to as Irezumi which literally mean “to insert ink”. A Japanese tattoo artist is  called a ” Horishi” (tattoo artist) , another word for Japanese  tattoos is ” Horimono” which means  to carve.

I enjoy tattooing many other tattoo styles apart from  Japanese tattoos .Such as Black and grey tattoos, Biomechanical tattoos ,Traditional and Realistic tattoos. For a full explanation of these various styles please click on their respective links under galleries.

In recent years new styles of tattooing has emerged such as watercolour tattoos ,geometric tattoo and black work. Rather than creating a separate gallery for each and everyone of  these styles i have categorized these types of tattoos within the existing tattoo gallery’s.