A Realistic tattoo or hyper-realistic tattoos sometimes called, takes realism to a whole new level. I really enjoy doing this kind of style, so check out my work in this interesting technique.

I really enjoy doing realistic tattoos.

If you have a desired image you wish to have tattooed on you, make sure you have a high resolution photo.

With realistic tattoos it is extremely important to have a good reference photo, if the reference photo is of poor quality it’s preferable to choose another image if possible.

In realistic tattooing we use shading and depth to try and fool the eyes that we are looking at a three dimensional picture rather than a flat image.

This style of tattoo is immensely popular today and requires a great deal of commitment from both the client and the artist.

It is one of the more time-consuming styles of tattooing, since the artist has to constantly cross check the reference photos against the clients skin.

Realistic style tattoos are suitable for portraits, animals or even normal everyday objects such as compasses or pocket watches.

These tattoos always look very impressive when they have just been tattooed, but make sure your tattoo artist has pictures of healed tattoos in their portfolio as the finished tattoo can look drastically different.

That’s why the tattoo artist must take certain precautions to make sure the tattoo is structured in such a way that it will last the test of time.

Realistic tattoos that contain no black outline and lack enough contrast will not age well.

I use the darkest of all black pigments in all my tattoos to ensure that as the tattoo fades over time, the color and shading is held together by a skeleton of black pigments.

The outline is the foundation of any tattoo, look at it like the foundation of a house if the foundation is not solid the whole house will fall.

If you don’t believe me try and find a color realistic portrait done more than 3 years ago and see how it looks compared to the day it was done.